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Goal & Objective


The key element to the Trafficking Protocol is the forced labour outcomes, encompassing forced labour and services, slavery, slavery like practices and servitude. It is these human rights violations against the individual that the Trafficking Protocol seeks to redress. While in some cases it can be difficult to determine whether conditions are merely illegal and extremely exploitative, rather than forced labour or services….there is a wealth of history of international law, standards and interpretation of these concepts to rely on, which can provide sufficient certainty for criminal law and sanctions”.


1. This organization will be non-profit oriented institution.

2. Backward, horizontal and forward to identify the connections at home and abroad to protect the rights of workers, and policy advocacy to build a network for the welfare and rights provides the cause.

3. For migrant workers to earn income and business profits can grow as new and scientific manner sector study, research, development and expansion of the cause for the appropriate program.

4. Workers working in the field of government, non-governmental, private and civil society by integrating the list of system coordination, collaboration, and promote private sector investment to the market management and operation or cause the appropriate program.

5. Workers economic, social, cultural and environmental areas and evaluate the contribution calculated the benefits received by all stakeholders and the general public until it hurt! .

6. Home and abroad in favor of the migrant workers are forced, at the national and of international standards for the rights of initiative and any workers who endangers emergency rescue coordination to arrange with the various organizations.

7. Arising from past industrial pollution control and environmental balance to maintain coordination and cooperation in environmental change might have a negative effect of workers to recognize and mitigation program or cause.

8. Country workers residing abroad for various reasons did so delicate conditional calmness emergency shelter and arrange the causes of expenditure or to arrange and coordinate with various organizations.

9. For migrant workers as human resource development, development of man and woman even, capacity building, conflict dismantling, institutional development, good governance approach, women's empowerment, environmental sanitation, and human rights protection, training and meetings, seminars arrangement.

10. Working groups for interactive elements to make the necessary (technology, information, capacity, empowerment, construction, financial services, institutional development and favorable policy environment) to the cause promoted.

11. Public, private and community for a coordinated community collaboration and partnership working for the construction of essential infrastructure necessary to support the formulation of policy and programs for the various organizations, donor agencies and the Government of Nepal request to the Agency.

12. Income workers to save and organize awareness activities and a risky operation to facilitate the mobilization of financial institutions and continued advocacy functions to cause the operation.

13. Workers at home and abroad to secure workplace for employers and stakeholders, consulting and advocating the cause to promote or collaborative work Joint Venture.