DAO, Ktm Redg. No. 386/073
PAN No. 605503975
SWC Affiliation No. 44709
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About us

About us

Federation of Labour Welfare (F-LaW) was established on 6th December 2016 AD (2073/08/21BS) by the Government of Nepal as an autonomous and umbrellla organization of labour sector under the Organization Registration Act, 1977 (2034BS) to provide for education, training, study, rescue, and research in labour of national/international and related subjects in furtherance of the policy of the Government to promote harmonious industrial relations and social justice. The institute takes a comprehensive view of Labour and aims at serving the cause of labour including migrant worker, agricultural labour, women and child labour, self employed, unorganized urban and rural labour besides organized labour in the Industrial, Commercial, Governmental cheap pharmacy without a prescription and service sectors. The principal means of action are Research, Rescue, RRM Training, Education and Dissemination of Information through seminars / workshops / colloquium etc.

Main Objective:

Ensure right of Nepalese labour working both within and outside of country by carrying out advocacy and lobby at national and international forums; coordinate different stakeholders and related agencies for rescue during disaster and difficult times; and develop capacities for improved living standard. It will mobilize member federations and organizations for the purpose of migration and development, labour rights and protections in all aspects of life.


The membership is open for interested qualified returnee migrants, experts, association, stakeholders and different federations/ Commodity Group Federation.